On Snoring Ninja Documentation

Let's just start this entry as bluntly as we can: our documentation sucks - it's poorly written, barely updated, and largely incomplete and it is a disgrace.  So, we've decided to do something about it.

We're going to start by overhauling the documentation on some of our smaller projects, such as the Weighted Karma modification for the Simple Machines Forum software.  This means we'll document what the modification does, such as what settings it might add, what it does, installation (where applicable), and things of the nature - you know, the things documentation really ought to be containing.

This then leads us to our bigger project, Niftybot.  We've written some very basic documentation in the past, most of which is not very good and was hastily done to show someone how to do something.  Moving forward, we'll be updating the current existing documentation before adding anymore.  To do this, we'll be trying to generate the documentation using Sphinx, which is a wonderful tool designed to generate readable documentation that is HTML ready.  There is no telling how this will go and will likely involve us updating the code to include things that Sphinx looks for when generating the documentation.

We know this is a large under taking, and we apologize for the current state the documentation is in - we're ready to do something about it.

As always, you are welcome and able to contribute to our projects and documentation. Simply go to the relevant project and submit a proper pull request. Help is always welcome and appreciated.

~ Snoring Ninja Team