A New Blog!?

Hey there everyone,

You may have noticed that the blog has changed from Wordpress to Ghost, which it has. This was an intentional change that was mentioned on our old blog about moving the site from shared hosting to a VPS through DigitalOcean.

That move has been completed.

As a byproduct, we no longer are restricted by the restraints of shared hosting, and we are free to do what we wish with the server - this means no more PHP, because I cannot stand it and I really don't like working with it (even though there are PHP projects by Snoring Ninja, which I will continue to work on alongside the team).

But, without sidetracking further, the new site is up and running, as is this new blog. We've ditched PHP, and we've ditched our old forums (which are unlikely to come back in any capacity, they just aren't needed).

The site will remain pretty simple, but will be overhauled at some point to look a little more professional.

We love you all, and look forward to getting back to work (and try to keep this blog updated more frequently).


Hobbyist programmer and avid gamer. Started Snoring Ninja as a way for a group of friends to work on projects together for fun.